gohan hackcamp june 2007 - development workshop

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Add yourself to the bottom of this list if you are coming to the Gohan HackCamp. Also, if you live nearby and can give people a place to stay during the workshop, please put a "Y" in the right-most column. It can be anything from a bed to a couch to some room on the floor for people to lay their own bedding.

namecontactwebsiteI can host peopleI need a bedI found a bed
David CuartiellesDavid.Cuartielles arroba k3 punto mah punto sehttp://www.0j0.org/3--
Hans-Christoph Steinerhans@eds.orghttp://at.or.at/hans/ YY
Emanuele Mazzan3m3da arroba hotmail punto comhttp://www.d3cod3.org YY
Xa Manzanaresfreequencies arroba gmail punto comhttp://pitchvolley.com/nvisible.taz YY
Marcos Yarzam.yarza arroba libelium punto comhttp://www.libelium.com/   
Laura Garcialaura arroba onthespot punto infohttp://onthespot.info   
mariajo martinez de pisonmpison@pin.upv.eshttp://www.laboluz.org   
Ivan Morteivanmuerte (arrobica) yahoo.eshttp://www.generacionred.net/Y 
Jorge Bernalkoke@amedias.orghttp://koke.amedias.org/  
Carlos Tricascarlos.tricas@gmail.comhttp://www.mundosimaginados.com/  
Alejandro Riveroal.rivero@gmail.com--  
Enrique Buenoenmbueno@tiscali.es--  
Jorge Salamerobencer@cauterized.net--  
Teresa Benitokasdenaranja@hotmail.com--Y 
Antonio Casasantoniocasascortes@yahoo.es--Y 
Luca Carrubbahusk[aroba]bugslab[punto]nethttp://www.estereotips.net  
Samuele Calabromegahrz arroba hotmail punto com--  Y
Néstor Lizaldenestorlizalde@hotmail.com--  Y
Carlos López (from 27th)litzmail arroba gmail.com-- Y
Bruno Viannabruno ¤ pobox punto comuniversitatpirata.org  
Maira Salamairasala ¤ gmail.com--  
Juan Manuel Vivesjuanmanuel ¤ amoresmestizos.com--  
Gianluca Scuderipanopticon69 ¤ gmail.com--  Y
Angela Ramosdanae.net ¤ gmail.com-- Y

Email list

We have an email list that we will be using to inform about the event, subscribe using the following form:

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For more detailed information about hackcamp's email list, check here